1913 Series 9 Cole 5 Person Touring Car #16014

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This specific car was well preserved as it had ownership by the Cole family.  It was then acquired by a collector who purchased several Coles from the family out of the basement of the original Cole factory in Indianapolis as well as this one.  The car had a sensitive restoration in 2005 and then was placed in the Haynes Apperson Automotive Museum outside of Indianapolis for 13 years.  This car was originally a navy-blue color until the restoration, which changed it to a cream of wheat color.  This was the 13th Series Nine car assembled in the late Spring of 1913.  This auto appeared at the St. Johns Concours d’Elegance in July of 2018 and won the Gilmore Award at the Red Barns Spectacular at the Gilmore Car Museum.  In 2019, this auto won the Best of Class Award at the Concours d’Elegance at Copshaholm in South Bend, Indiana.