The Cole Motor Car Club of America History

The Cole Motor Car Club was a very active club of Cole enthusiasts that started in the early 1990’s and lasted until the end of 2009, which was the 100th year anniversary of the Cole company.  The club originally started as just an early Cole registry  by Greg Tocket to track the known cars.  Later through the efforts of Greg, Norm Buckhart, Mel Seitz, and Joe Cole, the registry evolved into the Cole Motor Car Club of America.   Early on in the club, Leroy Cole became the chief editor and leader of the club for many years until the end.  Leroy gathered an amazing amount of Cole information and history of which he recently donated most of the very large Cole collection to the Gilmore Car Museum and Research Library.

The club had an amazing newsletter publication called the Cole Bulletin which was similar to what Cole produced them selves.  They were very colorful and had















great information including reprints of old original Cole documentation.  The

Cole Club Banquet at Hershey

Cole club also got together at annual events such as Hershey, organized car tours and gatherings such as at Indianapolis, or the Orphan Car show in Ypsilanti Michigan.  The club also shared information, parts, and a helping hand to keep the Coles on the road and running well.

Another thing that the club did was to reproduce newer editions of old Cole items such as pennants, pins, shirts, and other items that were around during the time of the cars so that they could be used and shared again.  The Cole Club of America was a special organization that was unfortunately before my time, but one that we hope to carry the legacy of forward.