1919 Cole 870 Aero Eight Tourster

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This car was found in 1990 in Cincinnati in a storage building with about 20 other derelict cars. The car left the Cole Plant as a 7 Passenger Tourster, however at some point the body work was severed just behind the front seat and a wrecker hoist unit was installed on the rear frame of the car. The use of the wrecker was finally terminated when the ring and pinion gears broke.

A replacement body section was with the car- apparently from an earlier year and model of Cole- and numerous other parts were missing. The car was given a complete mechanical and cosmetic restoration, Replacement gears were found for the Columbia rear end and an overdrive unit was added to improve its low speed gearing. The replacement rear body section was modified to match the style and dimensions of the original Cole body except as a 4 passenger Sportster versus the Tourster configuration. Many of the missing parts were manufactured from scratch due to the rarity of replacement parts.

Photos courtesy of Significantcars.com