Cole Car Meetup 2019

Cole Motor Company 110th AnniversaryWe are pleased to announce a gathering of Cole cars, owners, and enthusiasts in May of 2019!  This event will be to celebrate the 110th year anniversary of the Cole Motor Car company.  We will do this event in conjunction with the Gilmore Car Museum’s Pre-1942 car tour and show.  A gathering of multiple car Coles in one place has not been attempted since the former Cole Club of America had a gathering of Coles at the Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti, MI in 2009.

This event will display several of the surviving Cole Motor Cars that are remaining and will include a Cole history talk, a deep dive on the changes to Cole cars over the life of the company, and of course spending time with these wonderful cars.  Many Cole artifacts from the time of the company will be on display.  We will also spend some time taking a look at the largest Cole Motor Company information archives at the Gilmore research library and the Helen Cole collection of documents that the CCCA museum  has on the Gilmore campus.

We will be unveiling the just found 1909 Cole High Wheeler at the event!  This car was not known to exist and is the only one known to survive.  This will be exciting to see a surviving Cole High Wheeler from JJ Cole’s Cole Carriage company.

Here is the itinerary:

Thursday, May 16th – Arrival if you are joining the pre 42 and Cole driving tour

Friday, May 17th – 9am – 4pm driving tour for participants doing the driving tour.  The main tour will be a 100 mile tour and then there is also a smaller tour of 30 miles for those that don’t want to take the longer full 100 mile tour.  There will be stops and other fun things along the tour and the Gilmore will announce the route soon.  

Friday, May 17th – museum exploration day for those not wanting to do the driving tour

Friday, May 17th  5:30pm –  Dinner with the “Cole Artifacts and History”.  We will have a dinner for Cole owners and enthusiasts and will share many Cole artifacts and documents as well as good discussion.  

Saturday, May 18th – 9am – 4pm – Cole car show at the Pre 1942 showcase.  All Coles will be together in date order of manufacture.  This is not a normal car tour with the cars all stationary.  You can drive around the Gilmore campus in your car throughout the show, there are parades and a demonstrations, there will be an announcer talking about the cars, there are car games and skill tests, and we will have history or talks about the Cole cars.   

Saturday, May 18th – Depending on when the cole owners are planning to depart, we can do a closeout gathering


When:  May 17th and 18th, 2019

Where: Gilmore Car Museum, 6865 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI


 1.  Comfort Inn Address: 622 Allegan St, Plainwell, MI,  Phone: (269) 685-9891.  This is right off of US 131 and is about a 20 minute drive to the museum and 13 miles away

 2. Sheraton four points Address: 3600 East Cork Street Court, Kalamazoo, MI 49001  Phone: (269) 385-3922.  This is right off of I 94 and is about 19 miles and 30 minutes to the museum

There are other hotels such as Marriott and a Radisson in Kalamazoo, however they are a bit farther away from the museum. 

Registration:  You will need to register your car with the Gilmore for the pre 1942 show and please RSVP with me if you are coming as a Cole owner or a Cole enthusiast.  The cost of the show is $10 and includes the tour if you are interested.  The Gilmore car registration form is here.

Questions:  Contact Kevin Fleck at or call at 269-830-6174