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  1. I was interested to read of the oldest Cole in existence today, a 1910 Model 30. A friend and I are helping a widow dispose of her husband’s collection, which includes a 1909 Cole High Wheel car. We have authenticated it by the way of photos from this web site showing details of the chassis. There is no doubt what-so-ever that this is a 1909 Cole. We plan to have it running and displayed for the Cole gathering at the Gilmore Museum May 2019. It is in fairly good condition although needs work to make it look factory new, but most everything is there to make a fine representation of the first year’s production model.

    1. Ron,

      Thank you for the comment and I have talked to both Tom and Nancy the owner of the Cole High Wheeler. When I originally wrote this post about the oldest known Cole, we were not aware of an existing Cole High Wheeler. The details of the chasis and engine match up perfectly to the original pictures. I will be writing a new blog post about the High Wheeler soon and will make an update to this blog post. Tom has shared pictures with me and I cannot wait to see it in person at the Gilmore event!

      Thanks again for reminding me to update this blog post and for your work on getting the car running,


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