Custom 1911 and 1912 Cole Speedsters and Roadsters

In the early days of the Cole Motor Car Company you could buy just the working chassis if you wished. The chassis would have come with everything except for the body. This gave the opportunity for dealers, people, and body companies to make some unique autos. Two of the unique designs to appear in 1912 were a four person speedster and a four person roadster.

The four person speedster was a creation of W. Peck Jr. and included a removable rear seat. It was quite sporty and could carry four passengers. Unfortunately not much information is known about this auto such as was it completely a one off or did they sell several of these through a dealer. There are none known to survive today and we are just left with this great photo of the 1912 Cole four person Speedster.

1912 Cole Speedster by W. Peck Jr.

Another great custom Cole from 1911 was the Cole 30 four person Roadster. This car was created four a special event with racing legend Barney Oldfield. The press covered the event and several great pictures of this special Cole were captured from the event. The sleek roadster with the four passengers sitting all in a line created quite a site and was pretty unique. This auto is also not known to have survived.

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