West Michigan HCCA Tour to the Cole Exhibit

On June 30th, the West Michigan Region Horseless Carriage Club (HCCA) group took a tour to the Gilmore Car Museum to see the special Cole Motor Car exhibit.  The tour started in Grand Rapids and then stopped at a members house by Gun Lake.  After a short visit and look at some of the autos, the tour continued on to the Gilmore Car Museum.  The autos that the members of the group drove were then allowed back on the main museum campus and parked on the main field and a wonderful picnic was had.

After the picnic lunch and some visiting, the group went to the exhibit to see the wonderful early Cole’s that were on display.  The cars were opened up and the history of each car was reviewed with the members.  This was a great behind the scenes look and made for a great one day event for the West Michigan HCCA group!


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